The Battle For Lagos is Between The Real Omo Ekos And The Intruders/Criminal Gang That Assassinated Funsho Williams To tighten their Grip Over The State.

“Let’s be very clear here; the Igbos are not running for Governorship election in Lagos state. The Igbos are not in the struggle for ownership of any land, as am yet to meet that Igbo man that wish to be burreid in Ikoyi or Atan cemetery. The Igbos will always go home.


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But one thing they will not do is run and abandon their hard earned Investment just because someone is making videos, shouting and threatening people that withstood thirty months of global blockade and genocidal civil war. The Igbos are in Lagos just as they are Houston Texas or even Togo here. They see opportunities they create and add value as long as that place remains viable and profitable.

Go to Maiduguru, Yola and few other places that the Igbos have divested and you can only find a desolate and depressed once vibrant city.

So let me say here that the power struggle in Lagos has nothing to do with the Igbos resident in Lagos. It has more to do with the struggle for political power amongst the Yorubas. It is between the real educated, liberal and very accommodating indigenous people of Lagos and the other Yorubas who are not original Omo Ekos, but have become Lagosians by the virtue of birth or residency and dialect.

Infact, you can count the real biological Omo Ekos dating back to centuries, the family blocks of Indigenous people of Lagos from Ikorodu to Epe, Lagos Island etc. You can do that just standing because they are not that many and we know them.

Power shifted away from them following the assassination of Funsho Williams that ran for Governorship of Lagos state.

It is that power that Jimi Agbaje and the rest of others have struggled and tried albeit with little success to wrestle back from the current ACN/APC clique. Another dimension of the struggle is between the well entrenched Christians and the current preponderance towards liberal and Yoruba brand of Islam in Lagos. It is not a hidden fact, that it is the Yoruba Moslems that are controlling power in Lagos and by extension the SouthWest.

These are some of the serious under currents in the battle for Lagos, yet the Igbos as usual are used as scape goats.

I suspect that the Igbos have become the tie breakers because of their block votes in this power struggle between these two sets of the Yoruba brethren in the battle for Lagos.

Ironically one side believed that they can use blackmail, whipping up of tribal sentiments and hate, intimidation, harrassment and voter suppression to hold on to power in perpetuity.

They attempt to discourage the Igbo alignment with the real Omo Ekos to reclaim their indigenous home of Lagos from those who took it from them and relegated them just like many other groups in Lagos.

While they use force and deploy characters like Joe Igbokwe and others to unleash propaganda, divisive politics of acrimony, the real liberal Lagosians preach peace, mutual co existence, tolerance, inclusiveness and mutual respect for all the residents of Lagos just like it is obtainable in NewYork, London and all other world class urban centers. Yet, people wonder why the Igbos and other residents of Lagos choose to align with those who have treated them with dignity and mutual respect.

So some of these desperate actions we see today are not only laughable but a great insult to the Many great Intelligent Yoruba men and Women who truly understand the truth. Therefore it is insulting for some desperate characters be them Igbos or others that are basically earning their living by aligning with the officials of APC with the impression that they matter in Igbo affairs. Or that their utterances merits even a pause by serious minded people across the world.

For these peope to concoct all these mumbo jumbo self serving disjointed statements riddled with all manners of stereotypical nuances just to appease their pay Masters is just simply absurd.

One thing with tricksters and sycophants is that they do not know when to stop. That’s their trade.

But am confident that our brethrens from the SouthWest who stand not with Poltical parties or any particular individual, but stand in solidarity with the truth, justice and equity are not buoyed or persuaded by all these absurdities.

The Igbo position is consistent with the rest of other Nigerians who are sick and tired of the impunity of BAT and his cohorts and the steady drift towards abyss. Go towards the SouthEast and see how the quiet revolution is shaping things up. Lagos is no exception to the wind of change blowing across this country, and shouldn’t be.

In summary the Battle For Lagos Is Between The Real Omo Ekos And The Intruders/Criminal gang that assasinated the real Omo Eko Funsho Williams to tighten their Grip over the State and its treasury.


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