2023 and Drug Past:Nigeria is about to be jolted on an international level embarrassment that will be beamed worldwide.


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I have just carefully gone through this Peter Obi’s election petition and I have come to the conclusion that Peter Obi is the most dangerous man in this here country called Nigeria.

Not only is he challenging the fraud for an election, but he is putting the entire country on trial for allowing a drug baron qualify to run and thereafter proceeded to rig the election.

Tinubu has for the longest refused to address his drug past and because of that, he refused to attend unscripted interviews and INEC and the Nigerian courts refused to disqualify him even when it was obvious that he has a drug past. The storm is now gathering!

Fast forward to “GO TO COURT”.. Peter Obi has now placed Tinubu’s drug records front and center of his petition by front loading the certified true copies of his drug related asset forfeiture as required by the evidence act and stating that Tinubu ought not to have been qualified to stand for the election.

The twist is that since PO is not the author of the said document, someone from the US justice department must be subpoenaed to be led in evidence to present the document in court and I am 1000% sure that the US department of Justice has assured PO’s lawyers that with a subpoena, they will fly in DEA special Agent Moss to come authenticate the Tinubu’s drug related forfeiture court documents.

Perhaps Nigeria is about to be jolted on an international level embarrassment that will be beamed worldwide. This was avoidable if Nigerian courts had done the needful by disqualifying Tinubu!

APC members of this forum should get ready to watch the DEA special agent Moss who arrested Tinubu testify in the tribunal about Tinubu’s drug past and we will assess how the criminal minded Nigerian judges will surmount that embarrassment and still rule that Tinubu is qualified./Copied

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