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No incumbent President were killed not for lacking trying however three or four Presidential candidates were killed by Escobar along numerous Government officials basically any official ,Judge,Journalists, Newspaper editors owner, Media ,Police regardless of rank the Police are part of National Army, Military Officers , DEA agents ,DAS intelligence agency ,political candidates at at level anyone who supported extradition of Colombians to the US based on US Government charges to stand trial imprisonments in US , were targeted for death including supporters & innocent bystanders no exceptions

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however the entire problem wasn’t the symptoms but rather the cause which was and still is Corruption with wholesale impunity not for the drug traffickers but rather Colombian Government looking the other way unofficially sanctioned extrajudicial murders massacres by Death squads right wing Paramilitaries paid by Oligarchs, US or Multi National Corp Nobody has seen a US war on corruption we have seen wars on everything else , drugs terrorism poverty ect but Corruption NO that would be likes firing squad shooting in circle suicide. The whole Escobar deal will never come out he was killed when he no longer had the power or ability’s to provide percentage of either drugs or cash to help other dirty wars ie Iran Contra ect .long answer to short question but NO not that I know about or remember reading hearing

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Robert Dowling

Studied at U. of Miami, U. of Fla

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