Ekiti can’t move beyond the “last stop” immediate past governor Fayemi left her/Abiodun Borisade

Ekiti can’t move beyond the “last stop” immediate past governor Fayemi left her


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Without any bias, the evidences abound to support the title of this short review.

Economy of a state is just as vital as blood flow in a living creature. The economy of Ekiti state will for now remain at the bus stop the immediate administration left her.

What evidences can be consulted?

I look at the uncompleted, yet commissioned airport (though it’s a long term investment, but at whose expense?); I look at the Ire Bricks and the secrecy that shrouded the ownership change, I look at the much louded Ikogosi (another concessionary contract even within a year of signing one that ended in the court); the state owned hotel Fountain, that leased land to a night club for an unlisted number of years??
What happened to the so called largest snail cultivating farm in this side of Africa as we boasted in Ekiti? The numerous rice mills with issued CofO.

Until these existing concerns are resolved and become operational, hence Why I say Ekiti can’t move beyond the “last stop” immediate past governor Fayemi left her?

Which new industry will this new administration create within it’s first 4 years that can impact our economy?

Let no one be hoodwinked by any unwarranted expectations from this administration beyond civil servants salary payments and palatives on our roads.

The main thrust of this review is the maverick idea of creating a wealth fund by Ekiti state government.

Laudable idea, but bound to fail if transparency isn’t a Hallmark. How such a project will be embarked upon outside of the budgetary consideration still beats my imagine. Did the current budget consider this wealth fund? When did the idea come to life? How will it be operated? Who will firm the board of trustees? These and many other questions, the government has refused to bring into open debate, whilst hiding under the state house of assembly, a house where members today vote one speaker, tomorrow another? Many remain bewildered that the house of assembly won’t ask these obvious questions even as the proceeding go ahead, hopefully this review will serve as notice to the house and even the government.

If the immediate past administration could avail the public a 50 years development plan for the state, which even the incumbent governor (as a governor elect) made a presentation on, why this all important wealth fund that wasn’t captured in the development plan or yearly budget won’t have the governor’s public voice beats all rationale.

The wealth fund will fail if it is built on deceit and opaqueness, as it seems to have commenced on…

Ekiti belongs to us all hence no single individual must claim absolute knowledge, particularly if you haven’t had real living experience of Ekiti beyond your residence at government house grounds.

I will continually lend my voice to advocating uprightness in our governance.

Iloro Ekiti
Ijero LGA

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