Gov Oyebanji’s Political Emancipation Comes Within His First Year In Office, Or He Remains “The Fayemi’s” Yes Man For 4 Years.

Gov Oyebanji’s Political Emancipation Comes Within His First Year In Office, Or He Remains “The Fayemi’s” Yes Man For 4 Years.


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An average uneducated opportunist party member always call for the heads of persons who dare to review the immediate past administration or dare to critique the current government in Ekiti, the very educated and enlightened will often look away, keeping silent in public, but are encouraged that truth is said.

Be it opposition parties or progressives, the timing for government activities review is now, and there will be no shying away from it.

The threat of violence to a critical mind is never a deterrent, but lies and slanders merely increase popularity. I pray Mr Governor, His Excellency Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji will not allow so early in his administration to be labeled as not been able to control his supporters as they so thirst for blood and violence, the entire nation watches!!

The thrust of this review is how the incumbent governor will break free from the excesses of the immediate past administration… I recall how a senior political colleague described the precarious situation. He said in Yoruba, “a witch that kills children never has blood stained mouth”. I’m guessing that BAO has to be tactical in his attempt to shed excesses inherited. I cast my mind to the imbroglio that happened in the house of assembly after the demise of the late speaker Rt Hon Afuye. This article isn’t necessarily going to x-ray the roles, communication with concerned by the governor, rather the stand back approach exhibited by the current Mr Governor was a definite confirmation that the weight and moral burden to lead Ekiti aright still requires a lot of nurturing, again I refer… “a witch that kills children never has blood stained mouth”. The past weeks have been travel filled in commercial airlines for BAO, same approach he adopted as governor elect, where he reached out to notable Ekiti sons in various fields, including political heavies. Was the visit to Sen Adeyeye, Olanipekun SAN, numerous congratulatory messages well crafted on state headed paper to Sen Ojudu amongst others that the immediate past administration refused to acknowledge even their existence a signal of a new direction? What has been intriguing to many observers is the cordiality and zeal by Sen Bamidele in particular to ensure BAO’s independence and access to a wider community outside Ekiti. I’m guessing that our immediate past governor simply couldn’t wait to get on with his life outside Ekiti. In reality, JKF has gone way past his contemporaries in Ekiti, there just can’t be much to discuss.

I appeal to Ekiti youths, stop been lazy mentally. The era when “copy & paste” errand boy jobs made sense as a means to an end is long gone. Even mainstream SA/SSA earn 225k/275k, which bus stop will that take you too? Now juxtapose the salary to the covid deduction saga, SA/SSA salary went down to 150k/185k for nearly a year.

To the writer who wrote that Gov Fayemi managed my life during his governorship tenure, I say may your life be managed like the affairs of Ekiti state during that tenure. This review can’t be complete without mention of the immediate past first lady. She had her style, Bimbo did her own, FUOYE students did their own, the catalogue can be unending. I doubt BAORESS will have the somewhat unending latitude that the immediate past first lady controlled. She once said she could terminate a commissioner’s employment within an hour if she so desires… Well as it is said, power is ephemeral, sustainability is what matters. Though it’s late in the day, my advice to her would have been to start a girl’s school in Ekiti, that singular project would have kept her in the limelight and busy. Her school would have been a feeder school to ABUAD, she could have really impacted a generation of Ekiti girls, too late though. The steam in the engine has condensed.

If indeed Ekiti economy will stand a chance, the appointment of Sen Adetunmbi as economic adviser is a plus. A seasoned economist of international repute, sourcing for donor partners shouldn’t be rocket science. I thank God for my heritage, if you are that envious you can curse your father and mother that they didn’t develop themselves, habi which one is this hate filled attack on a man you know nothing about beyond your hearsay and filth filled talks. Go and do more research to discover the man Abiodun Borisade. And stop being a spineless frog, be brave enough to append your name to your articles. Some have said that I’m seeking for appointment or money from BAO forgetting that I’m from a proud and prosperous heritage. For me, the sky is my limit. I came to Ekiti for my first degree, after which I proceeded for 2 masters degree in the UK, work smart so that you can send your children abroad for better education. My children are citizens, so your FakeNews is dead on arrival. “Criticism is like a feterlizer, It smells bad. but it helps the crops to grow” BAO must succeed. Abiodun Borisade Iloro Ekiti Ijero LGA

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