Wetland Hotel lodger was a regular customer and confirmed Late Adesina complained of body pains and slight fever

The popular online cloth vendor that died at wetland hotel on Sunday ,New reports filtering in has it that the man who invited her over has voluntarily turned himself upto the police after information got to him that the girl has passed…


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The man said ,when they met ,she was complaining of body pains and slight fever so he allowed her to “Rest”…That he was shocked hearing she has died..

Investigations are still ongoing as a worker in the said hotel said the man was their popular customer in the hotel and could not have done such.

Another worker whom the deceased collected her power bank ,said that she collected the power bank from the deceased and that the room was opened with master key when the deceased hasn’t checked out and wasn’t responding to calls either.

She was rushed to the hospital and reportedly died on her way.

More details are unfolding…

via afemai reporters

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