Lagosians are fighting back to reclaim their Lagos from Tinubu/Romeo On Whatsapp

“You lie too much. You have forgotten that Ikemba never won an election in Igboland. In fact he lost his senatorial bid to little-known Edwin Onwudiwe in 1983. During the Abacha regime he lost an election in his own constituency into the Constitutional Conference. In 2003 OBJ defeated him in the presidential election in SE.
Again just like @Eng Alhaz ST Alfred said, and you can find this out from the book written by the Secretary to the Biafran government, late Chief Jerome Udoji Ojukwu coerced traditional rulers and the crème-dè-là-crème figures in SE to endorse his declaration of war in 1967. This I can tell you for free because I knew Ikemba personally and I got many first hand privileged information from him directly. For instance, you will never see anywhere it is written that Ikemba regretted declaring that war, but he did. He told me in the company of his most beloved nephew and my cousin who was his God-son and living with Ikemba in his house in Ikoyi then known as VilaskaLodge that if he had another opportunity he wouldn’t go to war. He told us that if he was as mature in 1967 as he was then in 1990 he wouldn’t have executed that war.


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Also like @Eng Alhaz ST said, Ndigbo do not worship any individual as done by the SW and North. Ndigbo are Republicans and their ethos is one that does not convey undue followership or servitude on any traditional ruler, politician or prominent individual. For instance, it can NEVER happen in the SE that one man would pocket a whole state (like Tinubu is doing in Lagos) for longer than his tenure as governor. You will NEVER find such a thing in the SE where one man will be the alpha and omega, the emperor, the dictator and the sole determinant of who gets what, when, why and how as Tinubu has done to Lagos in the past 24yrs. This is because Ndigbo are not as slavish and as Lagosians as Lagosians who allowed him to have his way. The Uba brothers tried it in Anambra but they were routed. OUK and Theodore wanted to replicate that in Abia but they were worsted. Okoroausa tried it in Imo but got the shock of his life. I have come to believe that HarrietTubman had Lagosians in mind when she made her famous quote: “I freed a thousand slaves, but I could have freed another thousand if only they knew they were slaves”.

However, many Lagosians are fighting back to reclaim their Lagos from Tinubu whose most outstanding achievement is building a bridge to connect Lagos State treasury to his Bourdillon empire via his notorious bullion vans. Lagosians the likes of Bode George, Bucknor-Akerele, GRV, etc are now more determined to take back their state from the usurper called Tinubu. They made sure that PO defeated Tinubu in his Lagos and would have done same with Sanwo-Olu if Tinubu had not resorted to violence. Do you remember that it was LKJ who described Lagos as no-man’s-land? Do you remember that Oba Akiolu said that Lagos does not belong to Yorubas?”

[05:09, 4/20/2023] : Another lie from hell. If your claim was true, why then did Tinubu resort to violence, voter suppression and intimidation and outright mutilation of results? Why didn’t he allow a free and fair election since he was sure the youths who voted against him in the presidential were then going to vote for BOS?
[05:11, 4/20/2023] Romeo And talking about claiming their host’s ground, have you ever seen where a man sold his house to his tenant and still remained the owner of the house?

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