‘Escobar And Osama Bin Laden To Rule’ – Pastor David Ibiyeomie (VIDEO)

Bishop David Ibiyeomie, the presiding pastor of Salvation Ministries, has subtly compared the outcome of Nigeria’s recent presidential election to the combination of Pablo Escobar and Osama Bin Laden as President and Vice President.


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In one of his recent sermons at his church in Port Harcourt, Rivers State’s capital, Ibiyeomie stated that any country where a drug lord and a terrorist leader serve as president and vice president is doomed.

Pablo Escobar was a notorious Colombian drug trafficker who formed the Medelln cartel with other criminals in the early 1970s, whereas Osama Bin Laden was the terrorist leader who attacked the World Trade Center in New York in 2001.

Ibiyeomie added that he was disgusted when he watched a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) defending a drug baron on national television and said that such person’s SANship should be turned to dis-SAN, saying that it has gotten to a point where people know the truth but choose to lie.

In the short video footage of the sermon which has gone viral on the internet, Ibiyeomie said, “Escobar and Osama Bin Laden to rule, some people to rule a country. Escorbar, you know who is Escobar? A drug baron. Heavy drug baron, and Osama Bin Laden was the highest terrorist. That is, two people like to rule in any nation of the world. I don’t know which nation they want to rule but any nation.

“That people who are educated can sit down, I heard a lawyer, a SAN (Senior Advocate of Nigeria) talking on television, I said, is this man okay? I looked at him and I said this man, so you can see truth clearly like this and be talking. I got disgusted. He was defending a drug baron. I said, this man, your SANship should be turned to dis-SAN.

“I got disgusted and said how can you see truth like this and say it is a lie. That is how some countries have turned to, where we cannot tell ourselves the truth

“I don’t know the nation but you know the nation. Just imagine nation where Escorbar will rule and Osama Bin Laden will be his vice, it will not happen but just have a mental picture of any nation on earth.”

Tinubu have been facing allegations of drug dealing while Shettima on the other hand have been alleged to have link with Boko Haram.

See video below;

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