Virginia: Woman identified as ‘Hindu extremist’ who disrupted Eid prayer turns out to be Muslim

Surprise! After the news outlets and propagandists rushed to brand a woman who disrupted Eid prayer in Virginia a “Hindu extremist,” she turned out to be a Muslim woman. The false claim spread all over Twitter:


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A Hindu woman came to mosque during Eid prayers in USA and start shouting on Islamic Laws/Sharia!! 🤦‍♂️

Why this Kolaveri?! Nalla irukumbothu yedhuku intha maari ina Veri ulla sleeper cells yellam vanthu nimmathiya kedukuranga nu theriyala!🤷‍♂️

— DJ ALI (@Hisrath95) April 22, 2023

Bogus cases of “Islamophobia” often cause a massive uproar in the media and on social media, and many never see the correction afterward. The victimology subterfuge has become a worthwhile venture for Islamic supremacist groups. It always works on the woke.

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