NAF C130 plane with 124 passengers capacity prepares to leave for #sudanevacuation (Video)

EVACUATION UPDATE: NAF C 130 prepares to depart to Egypt to evacuate Nigerian Nationals stranded in Sudan. They are going with a lot of dry food, water, Medications, etc. Our Prayers are with them. #Sudan #SudanConflict #SudanEvacuation


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Nigeria role in evacuating 5500 Nigerian students trapped in war torn Sudan has been under severe attack.
Billionaire owner of Air Peace (An international airline had offered free passage for all trapped Nigeria,but ethnic considerations led the FGN to drop the offer,
There are stories of the students stranded in the deset,The inability of FGN to account for the use of the allocated $1.2m fo evacuation.
There is no confirmation that the first batch of students are actually near the cairo airport.
The criticism that coloured the poor handling has forced a senior Special adviser to halt commenting on the issue and pushing the responsibility to the foreign ministry.

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