Denmark: Qur’an burnings have led to ‘a greater number of threats’ from Islamic jihadis

Either the West will be bullied into accepting Sharia blasphemy restrictions or it will stand up for the freedom of speech. Right now, the smart money is on the former.


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“PET: ‘A greater number of threats’ against Denmark,” translated from “PET: ‘Et større antal trusler’ mod Danmark,” B.T., April 27, 2023:

Koran burnings in Denmark have led to “a greater number of threats” from militant Islamists.

This is confirmed by the Norwegian Police Intelligence Service (PET) to Jyllands-Posten.

“Some cases never get attention in the militant Islamist circles in Denmark and abroad,” reads a written response from the intelligence service.

“While other cases receive significant negative attention, including the planning and execution of militant Islamist terrorist attacks directed at targets in the West.”

According to a leak of secret intelligence from the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US military, the Islamic State militant group has called for retaliatory attacks because of the Koran burnings.

The answer comes, among other things, against the background of Koran burnings, which the Danish-Swedish activist Rasmus Paludan has carried out since the turn of the year.

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