Stop Almajiri system to end insurgency in Northern Nigeria

There are over 8 million out-of-school children aged between 5-13 years who struggle for food, cloth, and health in northern Nigeria not because they belong to IDP or are orphans, but because their parents sent them from very far destinations to major cities in the name of seeking Islamic knowledge. These children known as Almajiri are mostly dumped at Almajiri schools in a congested and unhygienic hostel which is mostly attached to the house of Almajiri teachers. The children are left with the responsibility of searching for their food, and cloth and paying for school levies at a particular time interval. This forces the children into street begging, house-house begging searching for food and alms, to feed themselves and pay the school levy which they get punished for any payment default. To ensure the payment these children can do anything (including stealing) they come across and sometimes ends in criminal activities of banditry, robbery, theft, terrorism, drug dealership, and more.    WHY WE MUST ACT 1.      Most of these children could end up becoming liabilities to our societies 2.      These could end up joining terrorists and insurgents whose activities in the north are always booming. OUR ASK. 1.      The National Assembly should enact a law that will force parents to keep their children close to them up to the age of 15. 2.      Community should stop exploiting these children  3.       Ministry of Education should consider extending its activities to Almajiri schools locations.   Please join this call and save thousands of these vulnerable children by signing this petition 

Stop Almajiri system to end insurgency in Northern Nigeria

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