After Elections , funds seeking? Lagos State resumes extortion of motorists?


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Dear Lagos Motorist,

Beware of Whistle Blowers in Lagos Traffic!!! I got a text message at exactly 8:50PM yesterday 27th of April, 2023 from HPESC of Lagos State Directorate of Vehicle Inspection Service to pay a fine 20,000Naira for traffic violation within 7 days with reference number and an attached link for payment. Being a very civic – minded motorist, I obey traffic rules to the latter aside the fact that I mostly prefer Uber or occasional commuting to driving hence this message came in as a rude shock given that the said offence was not stated.

Upon ringing my contacts in authority for explanation, they made checks and reverted that my Vehicle’s Insurance has expired with a photo of my car’s rare as scanned somewhere between Lekki and Victoria Island attached as a proof. Hmm I responded that the expiry is supposed to be on the 28th not 27th having sent some money a day earlier for my agent to get it done due to ultra busy schedules.

But my friend in power just urged me to simply pay and move on but should be careful of falling prey again to a new secret many Lagos motorists are unaware of – TRAFFIC WHISTLEBLOWERS!!! The Traffic Whistleblower is a foreign system recently adopted in Lagos which involves engaging private individuals by having them install the Traffic Whistleblower App on their phones such that they can scan vehicle plate numbers at random in search of cars with expired or nearly expiring vehicle documents from which the HPESC automatically generates the message for fine payment via their PayVis platform.

The whistleblower gets a percentage of the fine paid to government and some jobless or underemployed persons are quietly and stealthily making a kill out of this Whistleblower App by so doing currently. Hmmm!!! I hate to be vulnerable let alone be outwitted hence I am often proactive in things of life but for this one I will gracefully accept my fate but it wouldn’t happen again. Imagine they even called me customer! Customer dada in deed. My humble advise to all Lagos motorist and drivers everywhere is not to even wait up to a week for any vehicle document to expire before renewal. Governments are broke and need money by every legal and para legal means possible so be careful and be far from the margin of violation always! To be forewarned is to be fore armed.

Christian Okwori

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