Gangsters Paradise:The real reason Ambode was beaten like a thief at the primaries/BOG

I now understand why


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@AkinwunmiAmbode was beaten like a thief at the APC primaries of 2019.

The way

@jidesanwoolu keeps showing up in

@OfficialABAT‘s activities, both financial and relating to drug pushing allegations, it is clear he is a full blown Àgbàdo insider. He was shown clearly in the Guinea helicopter, blocking the cameraman from filming a package containing some white substance on the floor of the chopper.

His has also been mentioned as a director of Aranda Resources, the offshore entity used by Oluwaseyi Tinubu to purchase the $11m house at Grove End Road, London NW6. Interestingly, in the suit filed by Dapo Apara over Alpha Bets LLC, which he founded and lost control of to Tinubu, the company, which was made Lagos State’s official Tax Collector when Tinubu became Governor in 1999, was alleged to be funnelling millions of dollars to Aranda Resources! Sanwo-Olu’s government has written Alpha Beta, who have been in receipt of at least 15% of all Lagos State Revenue since 1999 for their “services”, into Lagos State law!/Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi

Sourced Via Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi

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