The implications of what Adeboye and PWS said/Romeo

  1. There’s nothing wrong in being rude to an elder who has disrespected himself and the high pedestal to which he has been placed by nature. This reminds me of PWS who recently caused his Nobel laurel to be ridiculed over his fascist statement against OBI-dients.
  2. We cannot deprecate God because we’re rude to a so-called man-of-God whose words, deeds, actions and inactions are determined and guided by both pecuniary and ethnic considerations. Even Reno recognizes Adeboye as a charlatan for the fact that he apostrophized Adeboye’s ‘man-of-God’ title.
  3. If Adeboye could have said same insensitive prayer for anyone who was declared President-elect by INEC in an election roundly condemned as the worst in history due to violence, voter-repression, ballot-box snatching by public servants and touts aided by security agents, barefaced mutilation of result sheets and failure of INEC to adhere to its own rules and guidelines, then God must have issued him a ticket straight to hell and kept a rod in pickle for him who should have spoken out as Christ did against the Roman authorities which actions were Godless.
  4. Even if the statement was not directly from him but issued by someone Adeboye authorized to officially represent him, the fact that he has not deprecated or denounced it shows that what was said was his mindset.
  5. The fact that Christians are the ones criticising Adebayo for his stupid statement speaks volumes of how liberal Christianity is. In some other religions it could have amounted to blasphemy to criticise Adeboye who is placed on same pedestal as prophets.
  6. Adeboye’s religious contribution to Nigeria pales into insignificance when compared to the determination of those unemployed, insecure, uneducated and suffering Nigerians who voted against the old order of corruption, ineptitude, clannishness, religious bigotry, visionlessness, insecurity of lives and properties, decadence in education, healthcare and infrastructure, impunity and lack of respect for rule-of-law.
  7. Finally, no sane person has a need to insult Reno because he is such a shifty, mischievous and despicable character whose ego is massaged whenever his inanities are responded to and who makes a living out of some idiots who follow his social media handles. He is definitely not worth my tim

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