Florida: Man converts to Islam, murders his roommates for insulting his new faith

A Florida neo-Nazi who converted to Islam pleaded guilty Monday to murdering his roommates for disrespecting his faith.


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Devon Arthurs, now 24, agreed to a term of 45 years in prison in exchange for admitting his guilt for the 2017 shooting deaths of Jeremy Himmelman and Andrew Onseschuck inside a Tampa apartment.

Arthurs and his two roommates had once been part of a neo-Nazi group called Atomwaffen Divison before the racist became a Muslim and renounced his prior beliefs.

He told police after his arrest that he had been teased for his new faith and accused his victims of planning bombing attacks.

He also told investigators that Muslim countries were being bombed and that he wanted the slayings to call attention to the anti-Muslim sentiment.

“I had to do it,” he told detectives, according to the Tampa Bay Times. “This wouldn’t have had to happen if your country didn’t bomb my country.”

Investigators found arms, explosives and racist literature inside the home Arthurs shared with the victims.

Police first encountered Arthurs after he took three people hostage inside a smoke shop. He told police he was upset about American aggression in the Middle East and initially refused to let his captives go.

Cops eventually freed the hostages and took Arthurs into custody. Then 18, Arthurs revealed to police that he had murdered his roommates and led them to their bodies….

He was arrested again after his release last February and charged with planning terror attacks on power grid systems. That case is ongoing.

Police said Arthurs shot Himmelman, 22, and Oneschuk, 18, with a WASR 10 assault rifle.

He apologized for the murders in entering his plea Monday and told the court he wanted to dedicate his life to combating violent radicalism….

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