How Bent Cops and DSS Kidnap Nigerians/A Story


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On the 19th of May 2022, at about 10:30pm, papa was heading home from his store on foot, after concluding the days business. The store is very close to where he resides in Oyigbo. As soon as he entered his street and was walking home, he was accosted by some group of men at gun point, and was forced into a waiting Hilux. He tried to fight them off, but they fired warning shots, and eventually overpowered him, according to eyewitnesses who saw the event as it unfolded. They bundled him into the vehicle, and zoomed off. People in the neighbourhood trooped out after they left with papa. Even his wife who was at home also heard the gunshots & came out. She was surprised to be informed that, the person who was bundled into the vehicle is her husband. Mrs Odion, a retiree herself, almost passed out. She cried her eyes out. But while at the scene of the crime, her neighbours found one small Nokia torchlight phone on the floor. Which they felt belongs to Elder Thomas Odion. So they handed it over to Mrs Odion. It was already late, there was little or nothing that could be done by then except phone calls to her children and other family members, to inform them about the recent situation. When they searched that phone that was found at the crime scene, they saw many names saved with various police ranks. So they knew the phone belongs to a police man. The following day, a call came in from a strange number. Demanding 50 million naira as ransom for Elder Thomas Odion’s release, unless they will kill him. While at that, someone called that phone that was picked at the crime scene. He claimed to be a police officer. He said the phone belongs to his oga. That his oga lost it the previous night. So putting one plus one together, the family immediately knew that a police man was part of the kidnappers that kidnapped elder Thomas Odion. And according to eye witnesses who saw everything, they said papa fought & struggled with the kidnappers. probably while struggling with them, that was when the phone fell off the pocket of one of them. So it is a delicate case that must be handled with outmost caution. Because a police man, or some police officers are involved. Mind you, when the kidnappers phoned to demand for the 50 million naira ransom, they threatened the family never to involve or inform the police. That if they do, they will kill their father. But the family zero their minds, they took the matter to police Anti Kidnapping Unit, Mini Okoro, in Port Harcourt. After which the police collected 70k to start investigation & conduct tracking. After two days, the police from Anti Kidnapping Unit said the phone number used to call & demand for ransom was showing Asarama in Andoni LGA, Rivers State, as location. The kidnappers also called to reduce the ransom from 50 million, to 15 million. But the family kept begging, telling them there is no such money anywhere for that. After 2 weeks, the kidnappers called to reduce the money to 7 million, later to 5 million, and later to 1.5 million. They eventually settled for 1.5 million naira as ransom to free Elder Thomas Odion. They asked the family to bring the money to somewhere around Asarama, in Andoni LGA, in Rivers State. The family did exactly as they were instructed. The kidnappers asked the person that went to deliver the money to them, that he should tell the family, to go to IMO gate, the following day, they will find Elder Thomas Odion. But when the family eventually got to IMO gate as promised the following day, they didn’t find him The next day, they went again, but nothing. The kidnappers didn’t call again. The line they were using to call, was now switched off. The family sensed that all is not well. So they quickly wrote a petition to the Rivers State Director of @OfficialDSSNG They attached the small Nokia torchlight phone that was found at the crime scene as evidence. DSS Rivers State command promised to unravel the mystery behind the kidnap of Elder Thomas Odion, & to bring the culprits to book. But days turned into weeks, & weeks turned into months. DSS kept giving stories, that they are still on the case. Whenever they go to their office, it’s always the same story. If they phone, it’s the same story. At a point, DSS Rivers State command, stopped answering their calls. So the family had no choice, than to petition the Inspector General of Police. They told him everything, including the phone that was picked at the crime scene, which they believed belongs to a serving police officer, who is part of the kidnappers. The IGP transferred the case to SCID in Rivers State police command, to handle. The police demanded for the Nokia torchlight phone, that was found at the crime scene, but @OfficialDSSNG refused to release it to either the police from SCID, or the family of Elder Thomas Odion. Even though they were the ones who voluntarily handed over the phone to DSS. But the police were able to conduct a discreet investigation which led them to arrest the main suspect, inspector Atausen Luke. They also uncovered the Hilux that was used for the operation, and they arrested the driver. But the driver of the Hilux told the police that, the Hilux was hired from him, by some people. That he was supposed to drive. But surprisingly, the people who hired the Hilux, locked him up in the hotel room, and left with the car. That they only returned with the car the next day, and paid him his balance. That he didn’t know what they did with the car, after they left with the key. To corroborate his story, the police took him to the hotel, where the workers confirmed everything. They even saw his name on the hotel register as a guest on that 19th of May 2022. So, police asked him who hired the car. He took them to inspector Atausen Luke. The driver repeated his statement in front of the Assistant commissioner and Deputy commissioner of police, at the SCID Rivers State. When Atausen Luke was asked who owns the phone found on the crime scene, he couldn’t answer. It was discovered that inspector Atausen Luke was previously arrested by @OfficialDSSNG. But DSS released him without informing the family of Elder Thomas Odion of his arrest or release. Rather they kept telling the family lies, and story. Inspector Atausen Luke, is highly connected to some prominent people. Since his arrest, he refused to tell the police where Elder Thomas Odion is, even up till date. He refused to name other members of his gang. Rather he will be telling the police about the big men he works for. But he didn’t tell the police, in what capacity he works for them. Notably amongst them is the Local government chairman of Andoni LGA. Inspector Atausen Luke claims to be working for him. Even the chairman came personally to SCID, to secure his release, but he was denied. Inspector Atausen Luke has refused to confess anything up till date. Nobody knows if Elder Thomas Odion is still alive or dead. He refused to say anything. He was eventually tried by the police in their orderly room trial, and was found guilty of kidnapping. He was dismissed from the police force, and was charged to court on the 12 of April 2023, and he is currently on awaiting trial in prison. The case was adjourned to June 2023. I want Nigerians to demand for Justice for Elder Thomas Odion. Inspector Atausen Luke must face justice. He should tell the family of Elder Thomas Odion, where their father is. If he is alive better, if he is dead, where is his body, so the family can give him a befitting burial.

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