France: Extreme Muslims encounter homosexual couple,lecture one ,extort 20 euros (N10,000) from the other.

“Amiens: prison closed for homophobic extortion,” translated from “Amiens: prison ferme pour une extorsion homophobe,” Courrier Picard, May 10, 2023 (thanks to Medforth):


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Two men surprised a homosexual relationship on the public highway on Saturday May 6, in the Saint-Leu district. After a “moral lesson,” they tried to extort twenty euros from one of the lovers. This Wednesday, May 10, they were sentenced to heavy prison terms.

Guzel Oznur had every reason to celebrate last Friday: after spending “six and a half years in jail” in Amiens and having just been released from prison, the 39-year-old man from Roubaix set off that same evening with his 28-year-old friend Amin Namoudi to the “Grand-Ducs” bar. Around 6 am, they left a nightclub in the Saint-Leu district and saw an outrageous situation in a corner of the Place du Don: one man was performing oral sex on another.

They recognized one of the two, whom they alternately call “the Arab” or “the homeless,” and give him a moral lecture: “We didn’t think that of you, we’ll tell everyone.” The other, called “the white one” or “the French one,” is grabbed by the duo, who take away his phone and bank card and accompany him to an ATM where they ask him to withdraw 20 euros in their favor. “The prosecutor summed up: ‘The Arab they lecture, but the Frenchman they rob.’”…

What ultimately raises questions is the homophobic character of the blackmail. The prosecution is convinced: “You had to pay a tax to be homosexual.”

Guzel Oznur has already been convicted 29 times; Amin Namoudi 15 times.

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