“Unknown soldiers” threaten post May 29 coup if real change does not occur

Some Nigerian military officers under the platform of ‘Concerned Patriotic Military Officers’ have threatened to force a radical revolution to save Nigeria if the ‘monumental corruption’ in the military is not checked forthwith.


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The group which gave the warning in a letter to the Presidency, Service Chiefs and Senate on Sunday, called for the probe of service chiefs and the former ones irrespective of their political affiliation because according to them, they are the ones failing this country.

They accused service chiefs (former and current) of buying refurbished equipment as new.

“Only soldiers and officers who serve in good places pay their ways to good places and foreign missions. The remaining just continue to fight war or serve in remote areas. Some are gods they are too precious to even serve in places that have bad weather. Too bad for this country,” the group said.

The group advised the ‘President-elect’, Bola Tinubu to be careful so that the country would not be buried under him.

According to them, there are killings across the country because some military men are colluding with criminals and only after their pockets and the interest of their godfathers and godsons.

Titled: “The Military Promoting Grave Injustice And Unprofessionalism To Destroy Nigeria,” the concerned officers warned that even politicians will not be safe when the looming calamity is upon the country.

They vowed that “if this evil continues, we will force a radical revolution to save Nigeria. As you read this, just wait for tips on how to make your attacks more potent. Stop killing innocent Nigerians.”

The military officers said they were concerned to hear that the former Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai (retd.) was looking for an appointment in Tinubu’s administration after he “crushed the army and made it so useless by stealing money and awarding contracts to his own company using a civilian, one Mr. Kabiru Sallau, he has made a billionaire”.

“Buratai was so unprofessional that he was just spoiling army standards and killing capacity. Those of you soldiers and officers you know your colleagues who are considered special that only serve where they want. Nigeria will not survive like this. Action is coming,” the group said.

It asked soldiers at the front to stop fighting if their colleagues in air-conditioned offices cannot be part of it.

“Those few of you enjoying with your generals, be ready to face the majority who are considered sacrificial lambs. Imagine some officers will hide then now they want the highest appointment so that they can finally bury Nigeria.

“That is why soldiers are dying everywhere because the lazy ones that dodge are now policymakers. We will reveal things that no one will be able to defend this country until change comes. The evil is too much. Soldiers who present issues become the bad ones and also officers who are treated bad can’t speak or else they frustrate them. It is either you live a free man or die a slave.

“For the civilians, are you not tired of serving as slaves while the rich continue to empower themselves and family members? This is a warning. After this, there will be volumes providing guidelines for how war can be waged with even the army and the politicians who fail to put the army in check. If you cannot carry everyone along in the army let everybody return to their states and form a state army since some soldiers and officers are already in their places serving.

“These problems have been lingering for long and it is becoming the unfortunate norm. If you like do not correct the problems go and be looking for sacrificial lambs, Nigerian Army. It will surprise you when you start seeing action because many are affected. We are all Nigerians. To buy good weapons is a problem.”

It added, “Some of you agitators have a good cause but you don’t know how to go about it. Nowhere in Nigeria is impenetrable or indestructible. Wait for the exposures let this country heat up so there can be a restoration of values and prosperity. Nigerians, some of you are agitating and you have a just cause but you are not hitting the areas that will make this country sit up.

“Know that most Nigerians are being marginalized and must rise up and challenge this monster. Look at Niger Delta, a few fat selfish people just carry beards and come to the press as political mouthpieces while they rule and enslave their people while owning billions in money and assets all over Nigeria.

“Tompolo was wanted by the government but has been given over 4 billion naira monthly contract to secure oil facilities. Who is Tompolo and how many is he that the faith of a whole country will be put in the hands of a selfish person with no interests of the masses? Just like the army, you will see few benefitting from him coming out to justify it. The ones suffering and being marginalized are the majority but the few benefitting selfish cowards are the only ones occupying sensitive offices.

“So when there is a legitimate observation of marginalization and injustice those wicked few benefitting and their accomplices suppress those genuine concerns. Enough is enough. Nigerians, the ones suffering are over 200 million across every work of life or non-working citizens. Come together and conquer this evil but the army will soon collapse if this continues because the structure is failing already,” the letter partly read.
Sourced From Sahara reporters

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