France: Muslim tells teen girl, ‘I am going to cut your throats. You and your mother, I will rape you because I have the right to do so.’

This Thursday, in Montbéliard, a Dijonnais was sentenced to three years in prison for repeated death threats, crime and apology for an act of terrorism. This practitioner of a radical Islam is stuck S because of his dangerousness. The victims, a young resident of Étupes and her family, have been living in terror for a year.

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On April 18, 2022, Fabio Califano, a 25-year-old from Dijon, came to ask for the hand of a resident of Étupes. He brought her a traditional garment from Turkey (“on a pleasure trip”) as well as other gifts that all women dream of, a packet of flour, incense, spices.

“I was not there. If the cops hadn’t arrested him, what would have happened?,” asks the victim’s father. Because, the previous night, the man had threatened, on the phone, the young girl (17 years old) and her family: “I am going to burn you all, I am going to cut your throats. You and your mother, I will rape you because I have the right to do so.”

On the witness stand, the stocky defendant with a full beard asserted that he had knocked on the door with the best of intentions: “I wanted to apologize for my behavior.” However, this was not the suspect’s first outburst. When he returned from a trip a few days earlier, the follower of a radical (“Salafist”) Islam had sent a frightening message to the young woman with whom he had been chatting on Facebook for three weeks. What was the reasoning? She refused – even then – to marry him: “Soon we will cut your throats and play football with your heads.” The text was accompanied by a video showing a beheading scene….

The teenager’s father is angry and devastated: “Islam is not what I have been told for two hours. The religion stands for peace, tolerance and respect…We have been living in fear for a year.”

Fabio Califano, who was acquitted on this point, was given three years in prison and five years of social work (obligation to treat, work and prohibit contact with the victim and stay in the department of Doubs). He is now registered as S (suivi des personnes radicalisées).

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