Peter Obi Is Worried That Once Tinubu Is Declared President, He Will Control The Court’ -Nkoyo Toyo

She explained that this is why so many Nigerians are calling for the Judiciary to decide the matter as quickly as possible, in order to give the people a feeler that the Judiciary is capable of delivering justice. Although She clarified that the President-elect’s inauguration cannot be stopped because he [Tinubu] will take the matter to the Supreme Court if he loses at the Tribunal. 


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She said, ”Any pronouncement the court makes may not stop the inauguration but the point is that will be a sense of ownership of the court. Peter Obi and the Labour Party are worried that once Bola Tinubu is declared President, he will control the court, he will take over the whole process. 

Nkoyo Esu Toyo is a lawyer, development activist, and politician. She served as a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives, and as ambassador to Ethiopia and Djibouti.

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