Back to the Tribunal: Obi vs Tinubu Resumes.

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The real trials begin today with the HE Peter Obi and Labour Party legal team kicking off their three-week series of submission to prove President Bola Ahmed Tinubu did not deserve to have been sworn in as the commander-in-chief of over 200 million people.

Many Nigerians, particularly those living in the Diaspora, have been calling and sending messages, wondering why Tinubu’s inauguration was allowed to happen. Dear OBIdients and progressive Nigerians, there was nothing besides going against the rule of law that would have prevented Tinubu’s inauguration. Let us face facts – the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC declared Tinubu ‘president-elect’ and challenged anybody not satisfied to go to court.

The 2023 transition has been a process that started over ten months to February 25 and continued into 180 days of Tribunal time plus another 60 days of Supreme Court. A personality like PO is not one to break any of the rules of engagement along the line. Remember his consistent assertion, “I’m not desperate to be president but rather desperate to behold a Nigeria that works.” The most important aspect of a working Nigeria is adherence to the rule of law.

Yesterday’s inauguration, with nobody going violent was part of that adherence. After all, almost all LP successful candidates are being challenged in court but like Tinubu, all were sworn in. A governor has already been sworn in. But, like Tinubu, any of them that broke the rules of the Electoral Act or the Constitution will still be stripped by the respective tribunals. As much as POEM stands firmly behind every successful candidate of the LP to retain his position, we will not sympathise with any of them, who is equitably found guilty of electoral malpractice.

So, there was no lawful means of stopping Tinubu’s inauguration since the Judiciary decided not to fast-track the 25% constitutional requirement in the Federal Capital Territory.

Expect the LP presidential candidate back in court today to continue his peaceful and lawful process of recovering his mandate. There is nothing adverse the swearing in has impacted in the process. PO knows that. His lawyers do too. Dear OBIdients, you should know that as well.

People shout that the immunity clause now shields Tinubu from most of the grounds challenging his ‘victory’. Really? Is there any justice in Nigeria that does not know the implication of Tinubu’s drug forfeiture business? Is there any Nigerian that is in doubt of the real fact surrounding his several perjury issues? Legal proof maybe the real requirement to indictment but in the course of nation building, public guilt plays an unbelievably vital role. The new Nigeria in the horizon has conscientious living written all over it.

Beyond the criminal cases mentioned in the petitions, the 25% is a deadly bone stuck in the throat of the riggers while INEC has a bigger chord to chew regarding convincing the Tribunal why their declaration figures have not added up since over three months of their rigging acts.

Let us go to court. All the intimidations, name-callings and de-marketing tactics against PO should not deter us. We have never come this close to a new Nigeria. Watching clips of Tinubu being practically carried by his ADC to and within the public address podium, majority of Nigerians were shocked to the marrows by the real state of health the new president is stepping into office with. He did not win the election and should not be allowed to continue with a burden evidently far beyond his ailing shoulders. Nigeria definitely deserves better, far better.

This is POEM.

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