Basil Okoh


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Basil Okoh

Who pays the cost of the glitches to the BVAS at INEC?

Who suffers the consequences of an abused and stolen mandate?

Who pays and who loses for the reckless conspiracy that has seized Nigeria by the jugular?

No matter the spin put to his emergence as president of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu was not duly or legitimately elected by the voters of Nigeria to be president. His government will always be susceptible to blackmail and treachery both by local and foreign interests.

That treachery has begun with Dangote Refinery. He organized the sale of 2,635 hectares of land to Dangote Refinery, the size of the entire Surulere or Shomolu. So he is already embedded in the massive theft of wealth from the Nigerian people and transferred to one man.

He is also embedded in the drug trade, evidenced by the conviction by a court in the state of Illinois, USA. His rating as the biggest drug lord in the West African sub-region subsists. The drug trade is infested with blood and violence. It’s articles of trade, opium, cocaine and heroin, are the major sources of death, violent conflicts and bloodshed all over the world.

These narcotics have led to the death and ruination of millions of lives across the world. The man who trades in these killer substances can never be a good man, neither can progress come from him.

Bola Tinubu as president will be dressed in stolen robes. The owners must one day ask for their garments back. He did not win the presidential election to earn him the office of president. A nation which allows a public thief to be their president should not expect any kind of progress. So anyone who expects progress in Nigeria during the tenure of Bola Tinubu as president will have to contend with an illusion as reward.

Bola Tinubu will always be beholden to the Fulani who stole the robes from Peter Obi and adorned him with it.

Nasir el-Rufai is making his confessions, even if fellow Fulani are trying to shut him up or discredit him. Nasir el-Rufai has been speaking and acting for Fulani for two decades without the rejection of his works by Fulani.

Bola Tinubu will be a lame duck president, no matter how cocky he gets or how much he pretends to run a normal government. He carries a poisoned chalice.

So feeble and demented, now he rules by committee who take decisions on his behalf. So even now, you cannot hold him responsible for the missteps in government. You did not elect him and he is not ruling by himself.


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