Highlight of Tinubus Government…an Opinion

Before we all get carried away with the media propaganda, here is the summary of tinubu’s government to date:


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  1. Fuel subsidy is removed and you will buy fuel for 500 to 900 naira per litre (depending on the exchange rate). The savings will be looted like that of kerosene and diesel. There will be no commensurate succour/ palliative for your suffering. Instead of going after the subsidy thieves and stopping the smuggling across borders, they have transferred the responsibility to the helpless Nigerian people.
  2. Naira has been devalued (though they call it floating). The FG has handed over the exchange to the market forces where speculators and banks are king. Naira continues to fall in the I/E and parallel market. Anybody who tells you Naira will appreciate is a joker, for a corrupt country like ours, the banks and speculators are the new cabal and will drive the rates how they deem fit. Don’t believe…. Just observe. What most don’t get now is that CBN now has no obligation to provide FX at a particular rate to the market, as such the new FG players can access FX from CBN without noise.
  3. FG funding for tertiary education has been removed. Students will pay upwards of 400K tuition fees starting next session. A lot of students will drop out and cannot complete their education anymore. The so-called student loan will be almost impossible for an average student without a connection to access. Guess what happens to the savings from this funding…. To be looted by the same people who have impoverished the nation.
  4. Electricity tariffs have been increased (without increased production) and will take effect from July 1st. This is a death knell to small and medium-scale businesses. You are now stuck between the devil (PMS at 550 nairas per litre) and the blue sea (extra expensive electricity tariff).
  5. All that FG has done so far is abandon almost all responsibilities it has over the people through the bills being signed since May 29. All Tinubu has done is to make available funds to be shared by him and his goons at the expense of the people. Not a single bill or action aimed at ameliorating the suffering of the already downcast Nigerian people rather adding to the pain in the guise of elitist policies
  6. Guess what…. None of these policies have any impact on the political class and they have not made a single sacrifice. Same old political criminals are back in power, Gbaja, Akume, Asari Dokubo etc and you expect any real change apart from increased suffering? How do you expect Tinubu to pay back these same criminals who supported him into power?

Nigerians…. Suffer no dey tire una?

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