Old Mass Execution Video From 2013 Revived As Turkish Builders Being Executed After Earthquake

A video showing a disturbing mass execution has gone viral across social media. The video has gone viral in the context of the rapid spread of misinformation across social media intended to spread communal tensions. Claim: The viral video shows a group of men dressed in army fatigues shoving blindfolded men into a pit filled with bodies. These men are then shot and more men are shoved into the execution pit and shot. While sharing this video, it is being claimed that the viral video is from Turkey, where Turkish soldiers killed contractors who built subpar structures, which probably contributed to the deaths of thousands of people in the most recent earthquakes. It is to be noted that the devastating earthquake struck southern and central Turkey and western Syria on February 6, resulting deaths of more than 50,000 people. A Twitter user shared this video and wrote a caption which reads, “Turkish soldiers shooting corrupt civil servants and contractors whose shoddy work killed thousands of innocent people. They were paid for seismic Dampers to absorb earth quakes but they buried car tyres under the foundation of huge high rise building. Big lesson.”


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