EU report is a true mirror of Nigeria

  1. Researchers & Governments around the world will always reference the EU Report in the future. There is no defeat against Election Riggers in Nigeria better than that. APC should stop wasting their time, EU Report is now in History Books for future referencing. NIGERIANS WON” NEFERTITI on Twitter

“2. APC charlatans went to the Office of the EU Abuja, to protest against the EU Report. Nigeria collected a whopping €39M from the EU for those shambolic Elections. Nigeria invited the EU Election Observation Mission as well. The APC forgot that Nigeria is a SOVEREIGN back then?”


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“3. EU Report took a swipe at INEC, the Supreme Court, NBC, Festus Keyamo, FFK, NTA, FRCN, your states & the FG. No institution was spared. They were all found wanting. It took the EU to reecho all that Peter Obi has been saying. “We must dismantle the Structures of Criminality.”

“4. It doesn’t matter how Alake & hacks paid to defend this Regime received it. How Fascists received the Report is inconsequential now. It took the international community to tell Nigerians what Nigeria truly is. The EU told you the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth.”

“5. EU Election Observation Mission told you what everybody knows Nigeria is. Nothing is hidden under the sun. If it’s going to take an external body to show Nigeria itself in the mirrow, if it’s going to take the EU for Nigeria to begin the house cleaning, SO BE IT!”

“6. The leaders in Nigeria are as wicked as they are shameless. Nigeria itself is overdue for a Radical Social Change. Call it a Revolution if you like. 9ja political elites only get angry when international bodies are the one showing them their crass irresponsibility & hypocrisy.”

“7. They pride themselves as MEN OF THE PEOPLE. But Nigerians know that ain’t true; it’s all lies. Leaders in Nigeria are rogues & scumbags. The EU knows, you know, I know. EU Election Observation Mission took the time to put together that report. They were professional & thorough”

“8. When you read the entire 92 pages, you’ll find that a considerable amount of time & professionalism went into putting it all together. EOM did not say anything new. We all know what Nigeria is. The EU reechoed what the YIAGA AFRICA & other Local Observation Agencies have said.”

“9. EU Report is indicative of what Nigeria became. But how did Nigeria come to such a passé? It can’t be for greed, bigotry & winner takes all. My Darling Nigeria should be worth more than those. The backlash from FG is coming because the EU is international, it’s big & organized”

“10. Nigeria is the irresponsible father that abandoned his children. Nigeria don’t even know where his children are. Many Japa, others litter the streets, begging. The EU gave you a whopping €39M to conduct a credible Election. Who are you to tell them not to audit you? GROW UP!”

“11. The APC have Neocolonial Mentality & mendacity. A beggar is a beggar, it don’t matter how you gloss over it. Nigeria is a mess bcos of Zero Accountability. Bigots & Crooks want the status quo to continue. However, as people of good conscience, we are in solidarity with the EU”

“12. Download the EU Report & share it on all your social medial platforms. Let the world know WHY we fight, & WHAT we fight for! The APC cannot tell our Story. We the People still of good conscience will continue to tell our Story to the rest of the world”

Credit: NEFERTITI @firstladyship

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