America has composed the Quran and released it in a new book called “The Triangle of Monotheism” in order to bridge the gap between religions.

The Triangle of Monotheism contains distorted verses from the Quran, passages from the Torah, and the Gospel.


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It is currently being distributed in Kuwait and may reach us.

I urge you to spread this news, not as a request, but as a plea to support Islam, uphold the word of Allah. If you don’t believe, open Google and search for “The Triangle of Monotheism Quran” and see for yourself.

Please send this to all the groups so that you will not be asked on the Day of Judgment what you did when you heard about the distortion.

May Allah reward you.

💥💥 Spread to the largest number of people: Urgent.. No one should read it except from the Quran directly or from a Saudi or Azhar edition only.. There are corrupted versions available online.. This message must be spread quickly, oh people of goodness.. Whoever reads this message has conveyed it, and he is not excused for not delivering it.. On the day when your Lord asks you: What have you done for your religion? You will say: I defended it..
O Allah, I have conveyed.

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