Group asks military to be on standby in case Tinubu disobeys the law

We address this message to each member of Nigeria’s uniformed services, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Police.


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It is our collective call for you to honor your sworn oath and stand as guardians of the Constitution, safeguarding the lives, liberties, and pursuit of happiness of all citizens through unwavering adherence to the Rule of Law.
We implore you to resist any directive that undermines the fundamental rights guaranteed under our shared social contract. Remember that rank or position does not grant impunity for actions that violate the law and jeopardize the fabric of our society.
The Nigerian armed forces and security organizations bear a vital responsibility to protect the rule of law and uphold the constitution. We caution against taking orders from anyone seeking to undermine the constitution or incite violence.
The Nigerian people have the rightful expectation that their security forces will protect, not oppress them. Aligning with the government, without due regard for justice and the people’s welfare, will only deepen the divide and escalate the risks of chaos and anarchy.
No individual, not even the president or commanding officers, is above the law. Any breaches of the law must be met with accountability. The Nigerian people deserve a government that respects the rule of law and upholds the constitution. They deserve protection and justice. It is the responsibility of the security forces to contribute to realizing this vision. Let us work together to build a united and prosperous Nigeria where all citizens can live freely and securely, as envisioned within the framework of the amended 1999 Constitution.

Source IPCjustice

We urge the security forces to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people in their pursuit of justice and a brighter future for Nigeria. Let it be known that the forces should never be exploited to suppress the people or shield an illegitimate government.

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