Nigerians, Start preparing for war/BOG

Dear Nigerians,
Since Tinubu is threatening us with chaos and anarchy, should the judiciary invoke the constitution to chuck him out of the Presidency he stole, I advise the following: Take your fitness EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY. Whether you’re a man, woman, young or old, Start training from today like you’re going to war, because you are. Ignore any statements from the security agencies telling you to stay calm, and prepare for war. Remember when the police PRO said MC Oluomo was joking about his threat to Igbos not to vote in Lagos? 8 human beings were murdered, 28 maimed and 5 were blinded by MC Oluomo’s men on election day, just days after that “assurance”. Organise yourselves into defense groups for your streets, villages, towns and cities. Set up 24 hour patrols and carry lethal weapons for self-defence. They will adopt herdsmen s tactics of night raids and agbero tactics of crowd attacks. Organise into small platoons of ten persons each, with one person in command, each platoon commander reporting to a unit commander commanding 5 platoons. Unit commanders should report to brigade commanders controlling 10 units. DO NOT TAKE THIS AS A JOKE! BE READY, BECAUSE BOLA AHMED TINIBU IS THAT DESPERATE.


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