How Tinubu is preparing for a rerun presidential election/Jackson Ude

TINUBU IS PREPARING FOR A RERUN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION Bola Tinubu is preparing for a rerun. He doesn’t believe he is going to be disqualified. He believes he has a deal already with the Judges for a soft landing with a rerun. He has therefore asked all State Governors regardless of Political party affiliation to submit 10 names for Federal Board appointments. He told the Governors not to make it public. Tinubu hopes that the nominees would work for him to mobilize votes in the event of a rerun.
In an ideal situation, Bola Tinubu should be disqualified from ever contesting any election anywhere. But in a corrupted situation, the Justices would grant Tinubu a rerun and turn blind eyes to the deluge of fakeries, forgeries and lies he packaged to help himself!


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