Emerging Threat: New Faction Breaks Away from Boko Haram (JAS).Zagazola Makama

Recent developments indicate the emergence of a new breakaway faction from Boko Haram (JAS), raising concerns among local communities around Nigeria – Niger border. Reliable sources have confirmed the formation of this new group, which splintered from Bakura-led Boko Haram. Recall, during late 2022 and early 2023, a significant migration of Boko Haram members from Sambisa to the Lake Chad region, under Bakura’s control, was observed. However, the group from Sambisa eventually had disagreements with Bakura on undisclosed fundamental issues, leading to their departure. Presently, the breakaway faction, led by a yet-to-be-disclosed leader, has been concentrating its activities around Zarwaram, Maya, Logo, Kaneram, Walada and Adjiri villages. The presence of these terrorist groups in the mentioned areas has triggered panic among the local communities, Fulani herders, and fishermen. Disturbing reports indicate that the terrorists are resorting to abducting locals and herders, forcefully displacing residents and fishermen from the affected locations. Of particular concern is the location of these areas surrounding River Kamadougu Yobe, on the border between Nigeria and Niger Republic. These territories could potentially serve as bases for launching attacks into Nigeria and Niger, where so far the terrorists have carried out heinous acts such as abducting locals and extorting ransom from Fulani herders. The situation demands immediate attention as well as concerted efforts to safeguard the affected communities and prevent further escalation of violence and instability in the region.


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