After Niger’s coup the west will start searching for a respected president in West Africa to fill the gap Tinubu has created…Barrister V

 The Republic of Niger’s case is a novel one in the sense that the ousted and embattled president first experienced the first coup against him even before he was sworn in! That botched coup took place on 31 March, 2021 whereas he was to be inaugurated into office on 2 April, 2021. It was actually interesting that a yet to be sworn in president was sought to be ousted by a botched coup. So then the president ought to have known that he was sitting on a hot seat immediately he was sworn in. He was supposed to know that since Buhari saved him during the first coup attempt that any other coup may succeed against him after Buhari leaves office in 2023. Buhari was protecting his interests in Niger when that botched coup was nipped in the bud and Buhari’s interests included the Maradi rail project as well as the refinery to be constructed there. The US and France have military bases there and didn’t catch this drift or they erroneously thought that Tinubu after taking over from Buhari would be capable of quashing any coup within the West African region but they guessed wrong. Now the US and France including the west may start scouting for a more reliable regional leader to stamp the giant of Africa’s authority within the entire African region in order to protect their interests which they often masqUerade as “democracy”. In the quest for that search their compass may be pointing to Obi and the Presidential Election Tribunal.


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