We will supply 40 African countries grains and guns/Russia

Russia has signed agreements for military cooperation with over 40 African countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Friday in St Petersburg.


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He made the announcement during the second and final day of the second Russia-Africa Summit, saying “we are developing partnerships in military and military-technical cooperation with more than 40 African states to strengthen the defence capabilities of the countries.

“African states received a wide range of weapons and technology, some for free.

“Some of these deliveries are provided on a gratuitous basis with the aim of enhancing the security and sovereignty of the countries.”

Representatives from African countries have been invited to actively participate in Russia-organised military forums dealing with the technical aspects of the weapons and also manoeuvers to become familiar with the equipment and its use.

Putin also announced that Russia would provide assistance to the countries in their efforts to free themselves from the “vestiges of colonialism.”

The Kremlin leader reiterated that Russia would continue to be a reliable supplier of grain to the continent’s countries.

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