Ahead of an election rerun..Peter Obi wins more Nigerians via online parallel facts presentation

We’re not getting tired listening to our man, PETER OBI… We were over 34,000 on Twitter alone, this does not include Facebook, YouTube etc.
Peter Obi is admired because you always have something to learn from him.🤝
Anyone that joined the online meeting definitely inhaled wisdom from PO tonight!😊💪✌️


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Here are some excerpts from him in the meeting👇:

“You cannot float the Naira when you have not moved the country’s economy from consumption to production. You cannot float what you don’t have.” —Peter Obi

If all of us (politicians) decide to end corruption today, we can, starting from the top (Federal Government). We will ensure all revenues are accounted for and well utilized. We must deal decisively with the high cost of governance in Nigeria. —Peter Obi

“We have to return Nigerian league to how it used to be. IICC shooting stars, Mighty Jet, Rangers and BBC Lions have more fans than Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal in Nigeria in the 70s. So what happened now. This is what unites us, we must work on it.” —Peter Obi

“No body, no body, I repeat no body with any QUESTIONABLE certificate will work with me…Peter Obi.

“I only read the CV of my Chief of Staff, and I appointed her. I never knew her before I made that appointment.” — Peter Obi

“If I am the President, the North will celebrate me because I know the problems of the North; likewise the West because I know the problems there. — Peter Obi

“If the colonial masters can build rails from the North down to Lagos for food exports in the 60s, why can’t we do better now?” —Peter Obi

“The more educated the citizens of a country are, the more developed that country will be.” — Peter Obi

“Politicians weaponize ethnicity and religion for elections when they are incompetent.” —Peter Obi

“Show me where Christians buy bread cheaper, Muslims will go there and buy.” —Peter Obi

Bad governance knows no religion or ethnicity.—Peter Obi

You can’t tell people to endure hardship and be living a rockstar life and buying foreign cars at exorbitant prices. —Peter Obi

“In one month I would have set up a powerful economic team full of competent Nigerians to tackle the economic woes”— Peter Obi

“I’m not a saint & I’m equally not a thief, most people would not see the amount of money I saw as Governor & leave it. I saved, invested and utilized State funds properly. Public money should be used for public good not for personal” — Peter Obi

The young people have been the greatest loser in this enterprise called today’s Nigeria. I bought my first, second, and third cars as a university student. —Peter Obi

There should be a retirement age for political office holders. The young people need to come onboard. —Peter Obi

‘We must first of all remove the criminal components in fuel subsidy removal ; Then utilize the money in reviving our infrastructure, educational sector etc. the whole process must be TRANSPARENT and people MUST See and Feel the IMPACT” – Peter Obi.

Incompetency on the side of politicians is the reason they use tribal cards to divide Nigerians during elections. ~ Peter Obi.

The number one problem we have in Nigeria is corruption. It kills entrepreneurship, professionalism, and hard work. It allows people to have wealth without enterprise, and it destroys the entire system.” —Peter Obi

“One of the biggest contributor to the United States GDP is an intangible asset called Rule of Law.” —Peter Obi

“The number one problem we have in Nigeria is corruption. It kills entrepreneurship, professionalism and hard work. It allows people to have wealth without enterprise and it destroys the entire system.” —Peter Obi

“Let’s try and love one another. If they give you hatred, give them love; if they scandalize your name, give them good name, always conduct your self well to be the reference point”… Part of PO’s closing remark.

When we’re talking about giving opportunity to those that have capacity, are fit , passionate and committed we does do so out of sincerity. Peter Obi just spent good 4hrs (6pm-10pm) listening and responding to Nigerians. It takes the above variables to do so. It’s wonderful session with PO.
New Nigeria is POssible!✊


It was explosive!!!🔥

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