Ecowas imposes weak restrictions on a revolutionary Niger

BREAKING: ECOWAS imposes stiff restrictions, directs the following measures to take immediate effect on Niger Republic 👇


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  1. Closure of Land and air borders between ECOWAS and Niger.
  2. Institution of ECOWAS no flight zone to all commercial flights to and fro Niger.
  3. Suspension of all commercial and financial transactions between ECOWAS member states and Niger.
  4. Freeze all service transactions including energy transactions.
  5. Freeze assets of Niger Republic in all ECOWAS Central banks.
  6. Freeze all Niger State and the state enterprises and Parastatals in commercial banks.
  7. Suspension of Niger from all financial assistance and transactions with all financial institutions.
  8. Impose travel bans on the military officials and their families involved in the coup attempt including anyone who accepts to take a position in the military government.

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