Reflections on the second struggle for Africa for minerals/Blessing O Adima

I think on the contrary, the West is much interested in our mineral resources to sustain their economy. But unfortunately for we Africans they are getting for almost for nothing because of the dubious people we have in the position of governance.
France is taking away coal, gold and uranium from Niger Republic almost for nothing the development on ground suggest otherwise.
The OICs in Nigeria are taking crude oil from the deep offshore almost for nothing due to the dubious agreement they entered with those who called themselves leaders yet these OICs still evade operational Taxes to the tune of billions of dollars this is aided by the corrupt elements in the ministry of finance and the FIRS. Gas remittance is nothing because it is a “chop I chop” business.
Former heads of State, retired Generals, traditional rulers and other top goons are in charge of solid minerals exploitations.
The West will be the biggest losers for what is currently playing in Africa. But the question remains can we get a better deal with Russia and China? I doubt. The best for Africa is to foster a common (Pan African economy) trade among ourselves.think they don’t want to poach the French territory but now they will take the centre stage of exploration and exploitation. The Chinese are dubious, they give little and take so much.


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