Tinubu is bent on going to war with Niger and this has disastrous consequences for Nigeria/BOG

Through his desperate search for legitimacy at all costs, and knowing that a peacetime tribunal decision removing him from office will be immediately implemented, it looks like Tinubu, typical of the unpatriotic, desperate criminal that he actually is, is willing to sacrifice the lives of Nigerian soldiers just to cling on to the power he stole, at all costs. It may well be that it is through him that the long foretold dismemberment of Nigeria will begin. There are many scenarios that could play out in this dangerous and needless war that Tinubu is determined to provoke, following the playbook of his puppet masters in the Democratic Party and the WEF. 1. Many Hausa and Fulani families in Nigeria have extremely close relations who are Nigerien, and given their preponderance in the Nigerian Armed Forces, are completely unlikely to engage in a war that will see them killing their own relations. A mutiny may seem far-fetched and alarmist now, but remains within the realms of possibility. Another possibility is treachery in the battlefield. This is actually not new to the Armed Forces of Nigeria, with Nigerian soldiers in the theatre known to have murdered their own colleagues for killing too many terrorists – which leads to yet another problem. Buhari and his subsequent impostors embarked on a fanciful but deadly Fulani Imperialist drive during his administration, with ALL Nigerian indigenous ethnicities as their target. They cut a swathe a mayhem and genocide across the country throughout his administration, completely unchecked, unhindered and without consequence. They are still in Nigeria, in hundreds of sleeper cells, embedded in our BARRACKS, military installations and forests. Some have even been recruited into the Nigerian Armed forces and rapidly promoted. Many of them are from Niger, as the Nigeria Police Force will confirm. At the outbreak of hostilities, it would not surprise me if there was a massive uptick of terrorist attacks in Nigeria, as “Buhari” opened the door to these terrorists long ago and coddled them all through his administration. Since Tinubu stole the election, he has done nothing about the terrorists and he has declared war on their homeland. An increase terrorist attacks, with the military fully bogged down in what is likely to become a long drawn-out war of attrition, citizens will be forced to arm themselves, with light weapons and battlefield munitions to defend themselves against terror at home. Once separatist groups get their hands on weapons of war – a likely scenario in a war that will surely spill over into Northern Nigeria, due to the involvement of the massively staffed Wagner Group African operation, Tinubu is highly likely to become the last President of a united Nigeria, fittingly, through his own greed, desperation and STUPIDITY. Ire o.


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