Niger: President Bazoum is reduced to “eating only dry rice and pasta” (CNN)

The ousted president, who has been living for a week without electricity, has also been denied all human contact, including that of his doctor.

At the presidential palace in Niamey, dinners with great pomp under a tent in the gardens are over with starters, main courses, desserts but also cheeses and wines… The Nigerien president, Mohamed Bazoum, overthrown by a military coup on 26 last July, “  said that he was kept in isolation and forced to eat dry rice and pasta by the military junta  ”, reported Wednesday August 9, 2023, the American channel CNN .


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It was in a series of text messages to a friend that Mr Bazoum said he had been ‘  deprived of human contact  ‘ since Friday, ‘and no one was providing him with food or medicine “, underlined this newspaper adding that the messages of Bazoum were transmitted to them with the agreement of the deposed president.

“  Mr. Bazoum said he had been living without electricity for a week, like many Nigeriens  ” while still occupying the presidential residence. “  All the perishables that had been provided to him have spoiled and he now eats dry pasta and rice  .”

Despite his isolation, Bazoum remained in contact with the outside world. Although he did not have the opportunity to speak with Acting US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland during her visit to Niger’s capital, Niamey, on Monday, Mr. Bazoum spoke by phone with his boss, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, a day later, the State Department said.

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