ECOWAS member state, Cape Verde opposes military intervention in Niger.

ECOWAS member state, Cape Verde opposes military intervention in Niger. According to the country’s president, Jose Maria Neves, “We all should work to restore constitutional order in Niger but in no way through a military intervention or an armed conflict at this point. We should actively engage in talks and resolve issues diplomatically because any military intervention will make the situation worse, turning the region into an explosive zone,” Agence France-Presse quoted him as saying.


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Meanwhile, a meeting of  defence chiefs of ECOWAS member nations scheduled to hold in Accra,Ghana, yesterday, Saturday, August 12, to concretize the planned troops deployment for military intervention in Niger Republic, was unexpectedly called off. Reason being that member nations are divided on the need for such an intervention at this time. Cape Verde joins the ranks of Sierra Leone, Ghana, Liberia and Togo who earlier on declined to take position on the proposed military intervention in Niger. This explains why the proposed Accra, Ghana meeting of ECOWAS military chiefs eventually failed to hold. Not sure if it’s a coincidence, but all these institutional resistance to military intervention became more evident and grew louder shortly after RUSSIA openly warned against military intervention in Niger.

Beyond that, Africans have been up in arms against the rushed decision and the campaign against it has been robust and simply overwhelming, both online and on-site. Interestingly, some 94 French lawmakers have blasted President Emmanuel Macron in an open letter following the Niger coup. They warned that France was at the risk of being squeezed out of Africa by global powers like Russia, China, etc. They urged Macron to rethink France’s Africa policy as it had failed to win over cooperation from the Africans. Bottomline, the voice of the people of AFRICA is being heard loud and clear, more than at any other time in history. Enough is enough! The time for Africa’s freedom is now and it’s mot negotiable. Never ever give up on mama. Viva AFRICA!

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