Who erected the billboard?Are all obedients ibos?/Madam Salako

Who erected the billboard?
Are all obidients ibos.
Is there no obedient from Edo State or from the North ?


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In all the military settlements in the country we learnt that Lp won the election. Were they all obidients ?
Are all the people in FCT (senators and house of reps in FCT ibos ?
Are all Lp members in Lagos ibos ? If yes why did they win the election in Oshodi, Bourdillon, Ebute Metta etc ?

The writer of this piece is either not intelligent or too afraid to face the harsh truth that Nigerians are afraid of the thieves and their message boys who now run the country. I learnt that the first place ‘ all eyes on the judiciary ‘ billboard was erected was in Benin city.
The question of the week is tell us the name/ names of the ibo men that erected these billboards. The reward money is 10000 each for these states.

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