Again AU rejects military intervention in Niger…says it may trigger a “bloody”civil war

The African Union has rejected any military intervention in Niger, officially dissociating itself from the position expressed by the leaders of the Community of West African Countries (Cedeaus). This was reported by sources of “Le Monde”, according to which the position was expressed by the Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union – the body appointed to decide on conflict resolution issues – after a tense meeting lasting more than ten hours. The position, the sources added, should be formalized today in a press release.


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The AU’s position is dissociated from that of Cedeao which, while continuing to favor “dialogue”, has ordered “the immediate activation of its reserve force”, and in fact considerably weakens the organization in West Africa. According to analysts, launching a military offensive rejected by the AU would be an unprecedented contradiction.

A diplomat told “Le Monde” that although the African Union has reaffirmed its zero tolerance policy towards unconstitutional government changes, the delegates and leaders present at the meeting have chosen not to support a military intervention in Niger in the fear that this could trigger a bloody civil war.

This decision is all the more surprising as it goes against the customs and traditions of the AU, which has the habit of aligning itself with the positions of regional organizations. The president of the UA commission, the Chadian, also denies it Moussa Faki Mahamat, which in a statement dated August 11 had affirmed “its strong support for the decisions of Cedeao”.

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