Nigerien National Guard disrupts network of arms suppliers to BH

Niger’s Garde Nationale Disrupts Boko Haram’s International Arms Trafficking Network The vigilant Garde Nationale patrol of the #Niger Republic has successfully dismantled a far-reaching arms trafficking network affiliated with #BokoHaram.


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The operation, conducted at Nguel Kolo, located 25 kilometers north of Chetimari in Niger Republic, marks a significant blow to the activities of the notorious group. The operation resulted in the apprehension of three individuals. Among them is a Nigerian citizen identified as BITRUS ANDAKORI, along with two Nigerien nationals, ALI BULAMA SULEMAN and MUSTAPHA GONI.

These individuals were intercepted in a golf vehicle, with six AK47 rifles. BITRUS, in his confession, has admitted to operating as the intermediary within this illicit network, further implicating an audacious Nigerian criminal who remains at large. This successful operation represents a significant stride in the ongoing efforts to curtail the activities of Boko Haram and safeguard the security of the region.


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