Govern well or face more coups,Ghanian group warns Ecowas

Heads of States under the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS), has been urged to put up good governance systems in their respective countries, as the best solution to ending the recent resurgence of coup d’etat in the sub – region.


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Leadership of ECOWAS has again been implored to be proactive at the recent military take over in some West African States including Niger Republic, and change their governance style to the people of the sub – region.

The Non – Aligned Voters Association of Ghana (NAVAG), a Non – Partisan Voters Community in Ghana, who made the call on Tuesday in a press statement, was optimistic that creation of employment, provision of quality social amenities, ending corrupt practices, and developing sectors of the economy was the way forward.

Mr Kwofie Benibengor, the Founder and President of NAVAG, said ECOWAS has a population of about four hundred million people and is considered one of the richest subregions in the world in terms of natural resources .

The Founder of NAVAG stated that the entire economic community of West Africa still has her resources under exploitation, economically oppressed and governed under remote control by her colonial masters.

“With all the centuries of exploitation, the sub – region is still the richest yet many of her citizens lives in abject poverty, has no access to quality and affordable education, healthcare, housing and good infrastructure for social and economic life” he bemoaned.

The President of NAVAG noted that though his outfit do not support truncating democratic governments with military takeovers, however it was time leaders ponder on why the surge of military takeovers in the region.

Mr Benibengor expressed worry about how the current coups happened in poor countries which have rich mineral resources, arable land and hard working labour force namely Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Niger among others.

He indicated that from the lenses of NAVAG, the trend is not solely against democratic system of governance but an entire exercise against corruption, foreign exploitation and oppression breeding poverty and underdevelopment.

The President of NAVAG said Niger is on record to be the second poorest country in the world yet it has a resource (uranium) which powers a good number of lightning systems in France and other advance countries whilst over 70% of Nigerians do not have light.

“NAVAG calls for an immediate cessation of any military action against the coup makers now, urges ECOWAS leaders to dialogue and fashion out how to reverse their current state of poverty and hopelessness” he noted.

Mr Benibengor admonished that the world must assured Nigerians of sincere commitment to assist the junta return Niger to civilian governance in the shortest possible time adding that any sanctions against Niger would rather worsen the very plight they are fighting against.

The Founder of NAVAG urged ECOWAS leaders to be mindful that it is not only Niger but almost all the French speaking countries has expressed support for Niger because of the peculiarity of their economic challenges.

Mr Benibengor stressed that until they resist oppression, economic emancipation and prosperity will be an illusion Our leaders themselves need to make democracy workable and lucrative to attract the trust and hope of their citizens.

He emphasised that the mediating team of leaders should be presidents whose democracies and systems of governance are exemplary for others to emulate including free, fair and transparent elections.

“The Niger coup d’etat, according to NAVAG, should be a bedrock for a refreshed continental consciousness to reawaken Africa’s self determination, sufficiency and prospe

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