‘Nothing Will Happen’ To Captive President – Nigerien Junta replies Tinubu

Niger’s new prime minister, Ali Mahaman Lamine Zeine, on Friday, told The New York Times that the generals who overthrew President Mohamed Bazoum during a July 26 coup will do him no harm.


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Nothing will happen to him, because we don’t have a tradition of violence in Niger,” Zeine, the most senior civilian appointed by the military leaders, told the newspaper in an interview from Dakar on the fate of overthrown President Mohamed Bazoum.

Zeine also insisted the Niger coup leaders had no intention of collaborating with Russia, or with the Kremlin-backed mercenaries of the Wagner group.
The New York Times reported that the coup leaders had cut off water and electricity to Bazoum’s house, where he has been confined since being ousted, and threatened to kill him if other African countries make good on a proposal to restore him to power through a military intervention.

Tinubyu acting tough had threatened the Military leader with Ecowas intervention if it fails to return to democracy.
A stance that has now divided the continent into two…Niger becoming the new baby of a more progressive Africa and Tinubu becoming agent of colonialism.
In spite of threat and efforts…A divided Ecowas is unable to muster courage to intervene in Niger

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