US, France intentionally sowing discord between Nigeria, Niger Republic – Sheikh Zakzaky

US, France intentionally sowing discord between Nigeria, Niger Republic – Sheikh Zakzaky Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, a prominent Islamic scholar in Nigeria, has sounded a warning about the intentions of the United States and France to sow discord between Nigeria and Niger. Zakzaky made these remarks while addressing students at an Islamic Seminary in Abuja.


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He claimed that the recent coup in Niger, which saw the removal of a Western-sponsored president, was an indication of an orchestrated plan by the US and France to create instability in African countries. According to Zakzaky, it is apparent that Nigeria and Niger are not the instigators of this conflict, but are instead caught in a power play between the Western nations. He highlighted the presence of French aircraft passing through Niger’s airspace, despite its closure, and alleged that France maintains “terrorist” camps in the country, which serve as a source for attacks carried out by Boko Haram and Daesh-linked terrorists.

Furthermore, Zakzaky expressed concern that these foreign powers could manipulate and employ these terrorists to orchestrate attacks in both Abuja and Niamey, aiming to pin the blame on each other. He asserted that any military action on the borders between Nigeria and Niger should be attributed to France and America, not the two countries themselves. The Islamic leader went on to state that these colonial powers have a track record of fueling tribal conflicts within African nations, using Sudan as an example. He warned that the same tactic could be employed in Niger, causing divisions among ethnic groups. Zakzaky’s warning comes as reports suggest that the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has agreed on a possible date for military intervention in Niger to reverse the effects of the coup. However, Nigeria has expressed concerns that such intervention would worsen the crisis and bring further suffering to innocent people in the region. Neighbouring countries of Mali and Burkina Faso have also voiced their opposition to foreign intervention, stating that it would be considered a declaration of war against them. In solidarity, they have sent warplanes to Niger, ready to respond to any potential attack. These actions are a response to plans made by ECOWAS to deploy a military force to reinstate Niger’s ousted president, Mohammed Bazoum. The protests against foreign intervention have gained momentum, with thousands of anti-West demonstrators taking to the streets to express their discontent. They specifically targeted a French military base in Niger, denouncing years of military intervention by Protesters Denounce French Military Base in Niger, Calling for an End to Foreign Intervention The anti-West demonstrators gathered in the streets to protest against foreign intervention in Niger, they specifically targeted a French military base, voicing their opposition to years of military involvement by the European country in the region. The protesters passionately called for an end to the interference of foreign powers in Niger’s affairs. Chanting slogans such as “Down with France, down with ECOWAS,” they voiced their opposition to the presence of French forces in the region and their perceived influence over the decisions made by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). It is important to note that the protesters’ grievances are not directed at the people of France or any particular nation, but rather at what they perceive as an infringement on their sovereignty and a perpetuation of Western interests. The demonstrators expressed a desire for their country to regain control over its own destiny and to determine its path without external interference. The presence of French military troops and the history of colonialism in the region have raised concerns among the Nigerien population. The legacy of colonisation and continued foreign military presence have created tensions and frustrations that are now being voiced through these protests. Share this:

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