Barrister Harrison responds to a comment on whatsapp saying anti war criers are all obidients

U are still sounding very tainted !!!! Please leave local politics out of this. Look at the bigger Picture. Obidients are not the Problem of Tinubu neither is the Atikulate. You are just gerrymandering on the real issue of war. Nigeria cannot play the role of the Executioner against the affairs of Africa by slaying her brothers.


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Africa remains the Centre Piece of Nigeria Foreign Policy, See section 19 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria as amended. We dont fret with war and still expect a negotiation on the table. We cannot propagate evil against our brothers because we want to be the highest supplier of Gas to Europe while we make body bags out of our brother’s Soil.

It is evil, demonic, wizardry and calamitous. The Ukraine/Russia war started like this, but now look at the displacement of lives and properties that has been destroyed. It is not a matter of Local or domestic Politics my brother. It is a Matter of Continental war. Please get Obidients out of your mind for now and you will see clearly from the perspective of our togetherness.

I have Children and brothers including you. I cannot afford to see Russia ballistic missiles raising up burnt fleshed and structure. Tinubu must not gamble with our lives. Puttin Vladimir is not a smiling with Europe and her Allies. He will crush every living Soul in Nigeria with his current BQD 005 tripod Ballistic Missiles. He will gladly use Nigeria 4 experiment because he will not be seeing us his brothers at all unlike Ukraine with some Russians in it. Tinubu will beg of Mercy and Putin will not listen. Please, go and read about the former Yugoslavia dichotomy or saga. You will pray not to ever meet Putin in your entire existence.

My brother, Tinubu want to dance a dangerous that and we know he cannot win with Military might putting into consideration our over stretched Military.

The Wagner Army is not choreograph Group who dance to entertain People. They are killing Machines and Nigeria will be their sole target in this War while the combined forces of Burkina Faso, Gunea Conakry, Mali, Algeria, Niger, Egypt will confront ECOWAS forces.

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