We aren’t fighting any war for the West, whether it’s in Niger or elsewhere./IPOB group writes Blinken

Dear US Secretary Of State Blinken


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@SecBlinken, I would like to address your recent statement regarding your commitment to supporting any necessary actions to restore democracy in Niger. It raises a few questions, sir. Specifically, does this support extend to military intervention using ECOWAS?

The reason I’m asking is that I can’t help but wonder where your presence and support were during the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. It seems that your soldiers were not sent to Ukraine, which leads me to question whether you believe democracy is not under threat in Ukraine.

Forgive me for saying this, but your hypocrisy is quite apparent. It seems that when it comes to Africa, you suggest military intervention. Please stay away and leave it as it is an African problem. We aren’t fighting any war for the West, whether it’s in Niger or elsewhere.
Thank you for your attention.
IPOB Liverpool Central 08/08/2023.

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