A New Dawn In Burkina Faso

A New Dawn In Burkina Faso | What Is Ibrahim Doing Now? Burkina Faso Capital city Wagadugu, was agog as young army president Ibrahim Traore made triumphant entry into the 30,000 capacity stadium. He returned from the battle front in the north of the country where he was cited as one of the soldiers who “showed courage” during major insurgents attacks.


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TraorĂ© fought in several counter-insurgency operations and rose to become Burkina Faso’s youngest president. Several of the countries cultural groups were present to show their support for their charismatic new leader. Meanwhile across the country Mining activity is a big business, with an average of 1.5 mines per year being created since 2010. So what is behind the boom in mining activities despite the threats of insecurity and attacks in the country? Tax Exemptions, Tax Fraud, and the opportunity to keep up to 90 percents of the mining company shares and revenues.

To put an end the decades of Burkina Faso exploitation, the new military government of Ibrahim Traore is blocking all the loopholes. Recently he pulled the country out of a one sided treaty agreement with France from 1960 that enabled many foreign companies to avoid paying tax to the country. Investigations by the new government have revealed the treaty with France was so bad that even companies from neighbouring countries were presenting themselves as French companies in order to avoid paying taxes on their profits from Burkina Faso To capitalise on the successes in the battle front against insurgency in the country.

The Ibrahim Traore government is upgrading military capabilities with the purchase and deployment of various military equipment and aircrafts. Defeating insurgency is of paramount importance for Burkina Faso, as the stability and well-being of the nation are at stake. Insurgency refers to the organized rebellion or violent uprising against the established government and its institutions, often fueled by political, economic, social, or ideological grievances. Burkina Faso, a landlocked country in West Africa, has been grappling with a growing insurgency that threatens its security, development, and the lives of its citizens. https://youtu.be/39AUMk_175s

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