After claiming superiority to Army,8 communities in Niger state pledge allegiance to bandit leader

About eight communities in Niger State’s Shriroro local government area have reportedly submitted to the authority of the infamous bandit warlord Dogo Gide. They have chosen to declare their allegiance and loyalty to his group…


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This development comes just a fortnight after Dogo Gide’s bandits claimed responsibility for downing a military helicopter during an evacuation mission in Kusasu Village within Shriroro’s local government jurisdiction.

The affected communities, including Kusasu, Kwaki, Chukuba, Gulana, Apai, Nakuna, Yanka, and Kurebe, are said to have aligned with Gide’s group despite his unchecked operations in the region over the past years.

According to sources, the communities’ decision stems from the belief that there’s no apparent solution to their situation other than submitting to the bandit group’s authority.

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