Contradictions in Political Biafra struggle deepens ,Freedom is about protection not killing people/Elochukwu Ohagi

They started shouting wotowoto In Ebonyi, some baskets of Okoro have been destroyed. It became a kind of irony that ESN after protecting Okoro farm from Fulani herdsmen and their cattle, some group of boys shouting wotowoto went to a market in Ebonyi and had an already harvested Okoro destroyed. Some time ago in Enugu, a pregnant woman was gunned down. It wasn’t only her.


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10 mothers were gunned down actually. It was an irate youth fooled by a young boy living in Finland that did the shooting. How a boy who lived his entire adult life supporting PDP started fooling adults that claimed they love freedom is something we must study in Biafra schools. The truth is that their actions nearly destroyed IPOB.

With their criminal activities, the government lobbied a group in the West to declare IPOB a terrorist group, but IPOB defeated them and forced them to apologize. Freedom is a human right. Self-determination is never a crime. Freedom is about defending your people and not killing them. Freedom is not about burning their cars and buses.

It is about encouraging and supporting the people. Freedom is not kidnapping women and forcefully having carnal knowledge of them. It is protecting your women. That’s why ESN was created. It came a time Fulani herdsmen started raping our women and killing them. ESN put their lives on the line to defend our people. This is freedom. Freedom is not scamming people. Using Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s name and IPOB to scam people is not freedom.

No sane society will come out of crime and criminality. That’s why the separation happened. Today IPOB has purged itself of criminals that took sanctuary in the fold. Today they all have been exposed and defeated. We are triumphantly waiting for the freedom of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Elochukwu Ohagi The Philosopher, 2023. Copied from comrade


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